ll, the shadow assassin’s movements suddenly stopped, and the vaguely stabbed sword in his hand finally revealed its shape. That sword was simply not decent. The blade was thin and narrow, and three lines of dense and small characters were engraved on it, which made people worry about whether it would break if something hits it.

assassin suddenly held his hand on the sword, and that kind of action didn’t spare any effort, like he was about to split his palm. The blood red stretched out from under his hands, quickly covering the entire sword body.

On the body of the sword, those fine characters suddenly lit up at a low level, and the body of the sword screamed and made a metal roar. That kind of high and low 西安夜生活论坛 sounded, stabbing people’s eardrums pain. Even the air around the assassin had irregular ripples.

“Ha, the assassin’s hands are high-quality goods, and they have’wrought iron’,’Dragon Strike’ and’Ayahuasca’ attached to them.” Bu Yushi suddenly raised his voice: “Cover your ears!”

Vito did it subconsciously, before he had time to ask why, he felt like he was thrown into the breakwater! The endless tide rushed on him, and the skin that was hit was painful and almost shattered. But it was not a sea tide, it was a huge wave formed in the air by a scream. Vito’s mind went blank, only to see the assassin simply pierce the blade towards the shield.


The shield shattered in an instant, and the lobes smashed into the wall, knocking out large irregular holes.

The soft armor of the butler’s body turned into 西安夜生活第一论坛网 dust in an instant, and even his lungs shook into a puddle of mud. In the end, the blade penetrated him and killed the terrified little fat man on the floor.

The heart was broken, the huge shock burst all capillaries, and the little fat man died in an instant.

After confirming that he was dead, the assassin broke the wall again, fell into the sea, and walked away on the waves!

No one noticed what happened here on the chaotic ship.

Only Vito was left in the room.

Vito stood up sluggish

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erce siege. I don’t know where the alpine castle lord came from so indifferent. Ok. Richard squinted his eyes to observe the approaching enemy army. Frankly speaking, he was a little surprised, but not simply because of the crowds. Unlike the typical wilderness brawl style that everyone swarmed together before, what kind of guy used what kind of guy to fight, the bandits in front of them were actually roughly divided by arms. On the left and right, there were seven or eight werewolf cavalry riding wolves, running back and forth in the direction of the main force. Werewolves are a very brave and combative race, accustomed to tame wolves as partners and mounts. The blood connection makes the werewolf and the wolf often have a very high tacit understanding, and the natural alertness and keen sense of smell, are the best candidates for scouts. In the center is a huge and bloated infantry group. Among a large number of wolves, werewolves, and savages, there are also a large number of hobgoblins who are responsible for maintaining discipline, so that the entire formation will not disintegrate in the process of advancement. What was even more surprising was that the front row of infantry was actually holding a variety of shields. Although it is not difficult to see that these shields are all made from the door panels, and the defense is very worrying, Richard still dare to believe it after rubbing his eyes twice. At this time, even if a few more archers came out after the battle, it wouldn’t be surprising for him to prepare two rounds of firepower in a decent manner, because there must be some savvy robbers. Although it is very shabby, it can be regarded as the embryonic form of an army. What shall we do? Annie found that the barbarian who stood in the front had the most indifferent expression, while the mercenary hiding in the back had the palest face. Ready to meet the enemy. Richard took a word and trot to meet the wind chasing behemoth. His movements are very light, but the weight of the three layers of