nately, she thought she had a good talent at the beginning, and even

felt complacent about it… Thinking of this, Aysia was a little discouraged, but because 西安耍耍网 of the reservedness of a teacher, Aysia still put on a blank expression.

“Burning runes is only the most basic work. What is really difficult to learn is the arrangement of magic texts.”

Ivan nodded solemnly, preparing to continue to invest in academic points and start hard learning… a

few days in a flash. After passing away, Esiah, who explained the magical arrangement to Ivan, has begun to doubt life.


Because after she briefly said the meaning of the parsed magic text and several arrangements, Ivan has already begun to strongly demand other content instead of repeating and consolidating learning.

“Are you sure you understand?” Aisia did not believe.

“Of course, for example, if you want to make a corrosive magic item, you can use the arrangement formula of 11367.

Rune No. 1 represents 西安夜生活论坛 corrosion, and is the core of the magic word arrangement formula, and No. 3 is used to transmit magic power. The number controls whether the magic item is activated or not. The last rune number seven is a protective shell to prevent the power of magic from hurting herself.”

Ivan said solemnly, then lowered his head and burned it on a well-made ring. A few minutes later , A brand new magic item was made.

[Ding, you 新西安夜网 have made a new magic item, please name it!]

Ring of Corruption… Ivan said silently in his heart, and then checked the item’s information.

[Magic props: Ring of Corrosion

Magic: Low

Effect: After injecting magic power, a corrosive black magic is instantly cast

Description: The magic props made by novices with the most common magic materials, the only advantage is that the magic writing is extremely 西安桑拿网 beautiful. You’d better not expect it to give you too much help when fighting. ]

Looking at the item description in the system bar, Ivan’s mouth twitched. At any rate, this is also the first real magic item he made. Can you

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