st like this time?”

“There are several items in stock in the store, and I can take the time to make another one.” Bok said blankly.

Ivan patted his head, and he had forgotten it.

Bok himself is a master of magical items. The original time and space can even easily repair the broken vanishing cabinet. It is naturally not difficult to make a glorious hand, otherwise Bok would not sell this 西安桑拿网 thing to Malfoy.

Inevitably, what other traps did Bok have in the magic shop that caused him to be pitted, and Ivan took the trouble to ask carefully.

The more Ivan asked, the more frightened he became. Bok arranged a large number of traps in the magic shop, and many dangerous dark magic items were in a state that could be activated at any time.

Ivan couldn’t help feeling fortunately that he had a surprise attack in that battle 西安夜生活第一论坛网 wearing an invisibility cloak. There was no time for Bok to prepare, otherwise I would not have won so easily.

“I also set up a small magic in the basement. When a stranger enters, it will automatically sound a prompt. There is only one way to crack it…” Bok gushed about his wonderful arrangement to Ivan, enough It took more than twenty minutes to finish speaking, and 西安耍耍网 finally he smashed his mouth still unfinished.

But it didn’t take long for Bok’s face to change. He looked at Ivan in horror and screamed in shock.

“What you do to me?”

Burke recalled everything you just said, the face, such as ashes, he quickly guessed Ivan just gave him a drink is truth serum, directly limp body down …

he Knowing that it’s over!

Bok’s face changed, he stared at Ivan in shock and anger, and 西安夜生活网 finally smiled helplessly and closed his eyes. “Do it!”

Ivan looked at Bok, drew his wand and pointed, a plate appeared on the ground in front of Bok.

Bok waited for a long time but didn’t feel the pain. Then he smelled a refreshing scent, he couldn’t help but sniffed his nose, opened his eyes and saw Ivan still standing there, and a small pot of polenta on the ground.西安夜生活网

The hungry Bok looked at

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