At the same time, on the bracelet she was wearing on her wrist, the last dark cyan stone with burn marks gave out a light blue and illusory light. In a

flash, Fors and Hugh, Viscount Stratford, and Xue Man’s figure became 西安夜生活论坛 transparent and disappeared in place.

Between two or three breaths, they left the dock area and appeared on the outskirts of St. George’s district. In

the process, Fors also used the extraordinary ability of his recorder to successfully copy A trip. After

reviewing the surrounding environment and confirming that it was secluded here and belonged to the mountains and forests, Fors released the hand holding Viscount Hugh and Stratford’s calf and 新西安夜网 straightened her body.

With the blessing of the angel of Mr. Fool , There shouldn’t be any danger, the’message’ person definitely can’t lock us again. Forsi sighed and said with a little fear, at least a saint was the one who came last, but fortunately, we escaped quickly and

gently. Putting Sherman’s body, thinking about it, said:

If the person

who’messages ‘ is Sherman’s monitor, then she has probably investigated our residence and can’t go 西安夜生活第一论坛网 back there anymore. Well, change the place. Fors is proficient

She said , and then cast her eyes on the stiff Viscount Stratford , now you can ask, hurry up. She said, handing Lemano’s travel notes to Xio, and said: “

Read Xin’, used with candlelight, and also, first start with simple and unimportant questions, and reduce the level of resistance. 西安桑拿网

Huo Gang took the magic book with a serious expression, and suddenly his wrist shook, and he could no longer hold Lemano’s. Travel notes.

Slap, the copper-green

note fell to the ground, and

Xio frowned and said:

It’s like a flame. Forsi had a similar experience just now, and after a little thought, he said: Throw

the cross and try. Xio

followed her advice. After that, he successfully picked up Lemano’s travel 西安夜生活网 notes.

It repelled other magical items, Fors, seeing this scene, nodded slightly.

Hugh did not entangle this prob

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