t about what happened.

After all, that incident was really the school. The rumors in the rumors.

Although everyone said that Albert gave Gryffindor points, there is no real basis. Even Albert himself said that he did not know about this matter. Dajia

knew it, and rumored it 西安夜生活网 everywhere. , And talk about it.

It’s no wonder that Albert would say something like that.

Just after hearing some rumors, he actually believed it, and he would indeed appear to be very retarded.

No one would admit that he was stupid and retarded, so everyone I shut up.

But what is going on in this matter?

There are always a few curious people who want to uncover the secret.

However, Dumbledore did not 西安夜生活第一论坛网 disclose any information, and the subject Albert also said Without knowing it, there is no way to investigate this matter.

As for the special contribution award, no one has really paid attention to it.

Everyone soon has no intention of thinking about it, because the shadow of the exam has quietly fallen, all People have to devote more thoughts to the review.

Albert also heard that due to the relationship between Buffy Refreshing Agent, this time the exam will be more stringent than the last one to prevent someone from cheating with Buffal Refreshing Agent.

In fact, nothing has changed at the Ministry of Magic. Because they simply cannot monitor on a large scale whether someone has taken Buffy Brain Rejuvenating Potion. Moreover, during this period, the Ministry of Magic hyped up the harm of Buffy 新西安夜网 Brain Rejuvenation Potion, and the actual victims I was discharged from the hospital not long ago, and there were some undesirable side effects, but they did not expect that someone secretly used the Buffy Brain Rejuvenator and obtained good results.

Chapter 330 The Created Monster

” Cheers to the exam results!”

Under the beech tree by the black lake, Albert and his party who have just finished their final exams are holding up cold butter beers and clinking to each other, celebrating everyone finally getting

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