dore, can you imagine? There is a new student in this world who will catch and eat the letter delivery 西安耍耍网 owl?!”

“Calm down, Minerva, it may not be your fault.”

Dumbledore blinked flexibly, helped his half-moon glasses, and said with a smile, “I didn’t remind you before that she is a mixed-race veel. Although she is still young, but with her talent, simple It’s still possible to complete the emotional suggestion 西安夜生活网and guidance.” After a

pause, Dumbledore continued, and the smile on his face gradually disappeared and became serious.

“The purpose of this child is terribly clear. She has been Think about it, never enter Hogwarts. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t understand her potential.”

Professor McGonagall frowned and asked questioningly, “But, what

was her purpose for doing this?” This is what she has never understood the most afterwards, because according to Elena’s talent, if she learns magic Later, it will obviously be easier to realize her ideals.

“Because of the existence of the International 西安桑拿网 Confidentiality Act, the Muggle Protection Act, and the Wissengamer Wizarding Court. As long as she does not step into the magic world, then she can always I live on as a melon and become an unconstrained and transcendent existence with magical abilities.” 新西安夜网

“But she is just a child”

Professor McGonagall said subconsciously.

“To be precise, it is a person who can speak in a small tone, accurately speaking. Children who have spells of forgetting and heart-threatening spells.”

Dumbledore shook his head with a particularly solemn expression, “I have no doubt that even most fifth-grade students can’t do this.”

“As a mixed-race veel, She is inherently more accessible to the magical world than most wizards. Obviously, people in the magical world should have contacted her before us. As for the uneasy feeling you mentioned, I think, maybe you need to see this ”

while he was talking, Dumbledore stood up, took out a shallow stone basin black cabinets from behind, the tub edge and carved with s

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