organs casually scattered on the ground, and no one knows it all.

they will die in this cruel At night, they disappeared silently, as if they had never existed before.

Lorenzo’s eyes were dull, looking at the hideous and twisted church, and whispering softly.

Tonight, great sacredness descends here. The

tide is surging. The erosion of the earth overflows from below the ground and from the glorious and sacred church, like demons who have escaped from trouble, with faint laughter echoing, they will ignite in this sacred city and celebrate their freedom.

It is like a The inverted whirlpool, roaring and rolling erosions are like thousands of galloping torrents, they are released from the source point of the center, and in a blink of an eye, the invisible 西安夜生活论坛 tide covers the entire place of the seven hills, and the terrifying pressure destroys the will of every sober person. , It pulled the mind, as if to tear the whole world apart.

Demon hunters! Ready to fight! In the

desperate depression, 047’s eyes curled up with the light of day, he held the nail sword high, hissing roar.

Chapter 91 Despair

047 is very clear about what happened. Tonight, the secret experiment about the Holy Grail is being carried out in the stagnant temple deep underground. The more detailed part 047 is not clear, but it is obvious from now on , The experiment has run out of control, and the ocean tide-like erosion is released from the stagnant temple. The

ultimate depression instantly falls on the will of every demon hunter, and the evil and cold distortion feels in the stomach. , Some demon hunters couldn’t stand it for a while, uncovering the iron face, leaning over and retching.

They are demon hunters, after the baptism of the gods and the implantation of secret blood, they are the most resistant to erosion among human beings, but even so, the mind of 047 at this moment is also It shook violently.

The intensity of this erosion far exceeds him. The imagination of 047, it seems 西安桑拿网 that as long as 047 is slightly ab

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