ing advanced thinking, that is, after performing this operation, the human body no longer has’thinking’ “Think about concepts such as’If humans have a certain numerical slot for the erosion of monsters, this operation is to cancel all that numerical slot.

Just like 新西安夜网 a blind person does not fear the glare, a person who has lost the concept of thinking will not suffer from the erosion of pollution at all, even if he is no longer a human. It’s just a corpse that can breathe.

Cruel and dark technology, Lorenzo can spy on the evil corner only from Arthur’s words. In order to prove the credibility of this operation, how many heads are there? Open the analysis?

This is the current optimal solution.Otherwise, to treat people like Baron Abel who are about to be demonized, we have no other way except to completely eliminate them.

I can understand that.

Luo Renzo said faintly, after the initial astonishment and fear, it was a helpless understanding.Everyone is a traveler walking on the ice.In order to reach the ideal land, they can only constantly abandon the things on their bodies. Break through the fragile ice.

Throw away emotion, humanity, and morality until you have nothing, until you reach the ideal land.

Sometimes many sinful decisions will bring good results, and those crimes are better for us to bear.

Arthur softly The Tao, obviously such a heavy thing, in his opinion, is Ruci light.

So what about the others? Do you eliminate the personnel inside the 西安夜网论坛 agency? Will they also undergo this kind of surgery after they lose control?

Lorenzo asked again.

Depending on the situation, generally every soldier will have an alarm placed on them. When their sirens sound, they should withdraw from the battlefield. Of course, it is inevitable that there will be deep into it, but this kind of task is generally Handed over to specialized knights, they can withstand more erosion.

Correspondingly, we also have corresponding cures, such as this poor baron, he still has a ray of hope for survival, but

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