ered, looking at the lake. He found that he couldn’t find Broad, even if It was an owl, and it was impossible to deliver the letter.

“What the hell is going on? What the hell is

Brod doing ?” Hertok looked at the lake angrily. There were no islands in the lake, and no manor, as if all The traces of, have been erased out of thin air. The

other party used advanced magic to completely hide the hut in the lake.

Hurtok thought he was a smart potion master, but he was not smart in terms of spells. .

he tried to find a dilapidated pier and boat, but walked around the lake, did not find anything, as if my mind memories are false.

right here potions master turned to leave, suddenly found a The house elf appeared behind him silently.


“Please follow me,” the house elf stepped forward, bowed slightly towards Hurtok, and then stretched out his palm. The latter understood what 西安桑拿网the other party meant. , The moment he stretched out his hand, he was apparitioned by the house elf. When

Hurtok recovered, he found himself standing in front of a house, and the person he was looking for was sitting at a table in the yard, He smiled and said hello to this side.

“What the hell are you doing!” Hertok was in a bad mood, and quickly stepped forward and sat on the armchair opposite Broad, poured himself a cup of black tea, and drank it all at once. It’s gone.

“Failed?” Although Budbrod was asking, his tone was pretty sure that the other party had failed.

“That guy doesn’t want to, damn it, I explained things to him and her clearly.” Hertok poured himself another glass, drank it all in one breath, and tried to suppress the anger in his heart. He also knew his current tone. Very bad.

“I’m not talking about it, I mean you went to Albert?”

“Well, that little guy is a little clever.” Hertok could not help frowning when talking about Albert, with a reproachful look. Staring at Brod, “He seems to have known that I would ask him for a gold membership card, and he hid the gold membership card a long time ago.”

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