large-scale tasks from various countries. But just before the division of the mainland, the first The kingdom has appeared!

But the creation 西安夜生活网 of the demon king Roger has always been in it. In the early days, it absorbed a lot of people who were also born as demon, and then enacted laws to rule all births, which eventually aroused The anger of everyone in the world.

Finally, the crusade army headed by the first strongest of the Human Alliance entered the Demon King City before the advent of the Evil Dragon Era. The first strongest of the Human Alliance 西安夜生活第一论坛网 Qianxiu singled out Demon King Roger and successfully smashed the Demon King. Among them, it subsequently fell.

The land that once ruled a large area of ??the mainland collapsed, and the devil was hiding in Tibet and scattered all over the mainland.

Since then, the Alliance of Humanity was created, and the first strongman of the Alliance, Qianxiu, was elected. He lived in seclusion with his wife and 西安桑拿网 disappeared from the sight of the mainland people.

Of course, although they disappeared in the eyes of the people, they did not disappear in the sight of the husband and wife. They are still active in the front line team exploring the upper strata of the mainland, and are far ahead of the rest of the human powers.

The legend is just a legend. The number one strong in the alliance may not be Qianxiu, but his wife. Qianyu Xianrou is said to be the reincarnation of the true god. He was born with his own treasures of gods and countless gods inside, so he became powerful.

After all, when human beings are still trying to spawn blue outfits, the couple is already covered in god outfits.

The speed at which you cut his blood is not as fast as he can automatically recover blood. The power of People’s Ping a is 西安耍耍网 greater than the power of your big move that you only squeezed after various increases.

“It seems to be a loophole.” After

briefly browsing the historical process in the mainland, Boss Luo couldn’t help but smile.

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