in the Tulum Port Seven-member Committee, in addition to the other six members of the Rittal family: the Haydn family, the Duolun family, the Kaban family, the Sicil family, the Leighton family and the Barrett family.

In addition to the six big and small bosses in Loughgun, there are nine other big families in charge in Loughgun:

Mend family, Legon family, Dodo family, Liman family, Kahn family, Baid family , Yanger family, Hante family, Schumas family.

These nine families, together with the Sicil family, the Layton family, and the Barrett family, constitute a total of twelve families, all of which are allied families of the Rittal family. They are not natives of Port Tulum, but outright foreigners.

For more than ten years, under 西安夜生活第一论坛网 the leadership of the Rittal family, twelve families have taken root in Tulum Harbour and have grown 西安夜生活论坛stronger. Now they have killed the mighty Welles family, Turing family and Cecil family in one fell swoop. Dozens of vassal families of these three families successfully replaced them in Tulum Port.

Today, 西安夜网论坛 the fifteen most powerful families in Port Tulum have more than three hundred heads of their heads in Lovegang, all gathered in this warehouse, standing in front of Joe with a respectful smile.

In addition to the big and small leaders of these fifteen families, there are also several gang leaders in Lofgang, dozens of bandit leaders from the western mountains, and some guys who are embarrassed and rushed to the police station.

These gangs are all supported by the above-mentioned big families.

Dozens of bandit leaders are also partners of these big families.

And those guys who rushed to the police station and were even famous on the wanted list, 新西安夜网 they also have inextricable relationships with several big families. They are the mad dogs raised by these big families, specially used to bite the enemy.

Joe looked at these smiling people seriously.


His smile became even brighter. He saw a dozen familiar faces among the Haydn, Duolun, and Kaban teams.

In the

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